Welcome to The Puzzle Business

Welcome to The Puzzle Business, our new website created specifically to help raise money for our wonderful NHS. Here you can download puzzle packs and quiz packs and print them at home or with the quizzes, either print or view them on your computer, tablet or iPad or mobile device.

Puzzle Packs cost £1 each, Quiz 50 Packs £1.50 and Pub Quiz packs £2 each. For each pack sold we will donate 75% of the price to NHS Charities Together.

For more information about what is in each pack and to purchase, please visit our Puzzle and Quiz Packs page.

See our Terms & Conditions if you require assistant with your purchases.

The first time you purchase from us we will ask you to create a password so that you become a registered user. This will make it easier for future visits to our website and will enable us to store a record of your transactions for you to view. Thank you.