Purchase and download puzzle packs and quiz packs here

The download puzzle packs and quiz packs are in PDF format. As the puzzles and quizzes are in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files – get it here https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/for free if not already installed on your device and you can then print your puzzles and quizzes at home.

Three categories of packs are available to download:

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Puzzle packs contain 5 assorted puzzles, typically coffee break crossword, codecracker, Sudoku, wordsearch and mini-quiz.

Pub Quiz packs, contain 60 quiz questions made up of 6 quizzes, each of 10 questions, on a variety of subjects. There is a list of the subjects included in each pack which you can read when you click on the product.

Quiz 50 packs are regarded as a little tougher and as the name implies there are 50 quiz questions in 5 rounds, each of 10 questions, across a range of subjects. The answers are at the end of these packs.

Puzzle Packs cost £1 each, Quiz 50 Packs £1.50 and Pub Quiz packs £2 each. For each pack sold we will donate 75% of the price to NHS Charities Together. We only retain a small amount to cover processing fees.

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